Thursday, October 15, 2009

An Exterior Tour

To those of you who excitedly clicked on the link in your email from Richard to see our house blog, all I can say is that I apologize for the crushing disappointment you must have felt when seeing that I had only posted one picture. I am not tech savvy in any way. Getting the one picture up was challenging enough, mostly because it was raining all day, so I could not take any exterior pictures. All these pictures have been taken out of the pdf that we got with our appraisal. To do that, I had to call a friend to teach me how to use (Microsoft) Paint. That's embarrassing. I mean, I'm pretty sure Paint came out when I was in 6th grade. I really should know how to use it. Anyway, these pictures today are all from before we bought the house. The "after" pictures will be up as soon as the weather improves. On with the exterior tour...

This is the front of the house. Note the broken fence posts. I'll post about that later. This door opens into the parlor (or the living room for those of you without an imagination). The turret is located in this room. The windows on the left are the study (or office, if you must). There is no foyer in this house. I cried at first, but then I got over it.

This is the north side of the house. As you can probably tell, it's on a corner. The windows between the turret and the side door are in the dining room, as is the side door. The dining room and parlor are separated by pocket doors. The windows to the far right are over the kitchen sink.

This is the back side of the house from the street. The back porch is screened in and connects to the kitchen. You can see a sliver of the 2-car carport to the right.

The bottom door that looks like it's for elves goes to the basement. In this picture you can see where the paint job ended. The unpainted side is the south side. And it was pretty terrible...


This is what I like to call the haunted house side. It looks pretty disturbing. The window to the far left is one of the bedrooms downstairs. The smaller window is the Jack-and-Jill (shared) bathroom between the two downstairs bedrooms. The three windows in the bay are the second bedroom downstairs. The far window to the right is the study.

I don't know why this side didn't get painted. The lower wood skirting and the wood around the windows was rotted and warped. From the inside bedroom here with the bay window, you could see the outside light coming in around the window frames.
This is on the same south side. When I saw the plethora of doggy doors, I knew this house was for me.  That yellow colored thing on the left is a cinder block built into the wall of the basement. I have no idea why. Anyway, all of this nonsense is gone now. Weather permitting, I will post the new pics tomorrow.

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