Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Nursery

Last post I discussed the dining room. The nursery is connected to the dining room through this doorway:

I do not have too many before pictures. It had beige textured walls, blue carpet, and popcorn ceiling like most of the rest of the house. However, the ceiling in this room was much worse. It was crumbling and peeling in many places and had a large crack from wall to wall in the middle of the room. Here are our only before shots:
Like the ceilings in the rest of the house, this job was handled by professionals. Here what it looked like as they were working:

This is what the big crack looked like after removing the popcorn ceiling:

This is what popcorn ceiling clean-up looks like with proper prep work. We had one of these giant bags for every room, and they were very heavy:

After scraping off the popcorn, they removed the crumbling sections of plaster and patched them with drywall. I was really shocked at how much of the ceiling they were able to save. I thought this room would need a completely new ceiling.

After the ceiling was repaired, they skim-coated the walls to cover up the texture. After that, the rest was up to us, so it remained untouched for a few months and functioned mostly as storage and a guest room as we worked on other parts of the house. Here is what it looked like during that time:

Richard could not resist the bathtub temporarily residing in the room:

We primed the walls and ceiling at some point in December:

And then in January we got around to actually painting it:

This is how it looks today. It probably will not start looking like a nursery until June or July. I will be sure to post pictures then. I am currently working on the bathroom that is connected to this room. I should be posting about that next week.


  1. I was feeling a little blue (it is Friday before Easter and I have not been to Mass for a week) so I read your Blog all the way through, ending with the nusery. What a ball your Mother will have if your dad retires in July and they visit you. Do you have a rocker? If not look for an approate on and I want to pay for it. Love.Grandmother Trahan

  2. Pick out a rocker and I will pay for it.