Saturday, May 1, 2010

Our Bedroom

I do not call our bedroom the master bedroom because it is the smallest bedroom in the house. We chose it as our bedroom because it is downstairs, has the most privacy, and only has one window. Though we love the nursery’s bay windows, Richard really likes to sleep in when he gets the opportunity, and a wall of windows would not be conducive to that. The nursery is connected to the dining room whereas our room is connected to the kitchen. I decided to put the nursery in the center of the house and our room in a far corner instead of the other way around. That is why we have the smallest bedroom in the house. Here is what our bedroom looked like on our first day in the house:

This was its view into the kitchen. Note the doorway is slightly blocked by the staircase:

It was the same as most of the rest of the house: textured peach-beige walls, really gross blue carpet, and popcorn ceiling. This room also included butterfly decals. The mattress on the carpet was the setting for the flea attack of 2009. After removing the carpet, smoothing the walls, and scraping off the popcorn ceiling, we did nothing to this room until January when we painted. The first picture is primer:

I chose red because I really wanted a red room in the house, and a bedroom seemed like a good choice. I originally was going to do a red dining room, but I realized that would probably get nauseous after a while. My justifications for such an extreme choice are that we do not spend many waking hours in the bedroom and that I think dark red and gold feels regal. Eventually I will use another color to stencil over the red and make it look sort of like damask wallpaper whenever I get tired of that much red, probably in a couple years. Like the rest of the house, the doors and trim are not yet painted. They will be painted darker than the trim in the rest of the house, most likely either the color of the ceiling (a pale muted yellow), the gold color of the frieze, or a darker ivory. I think what makes it look bad right now is the bright white trim next to the red. It looks like St. Valentine’s Day in there. We will not remedy that for at least a couple months. We hope to be moved into this room sometime over the next two weeks. 

Update: Though all the work is finished on the floors, they are still drying. Expect floor pictures sometime this week. In the meantime, I will probably add a post about our floor plan so that when you do see the floor pictures, you will understand how the rooms fit together.

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